This is not a juice company.

Over 20 billion pounds of fresh produce goes unharvested or unsold every year because it is the wrong size, shape or color to be sold at retail. 

Thousands of pounds of trimming and scrap waste goes into the landfill when companies make fresh cut products like carrot sticks and watermelon cubes. 

The struggle is real. Luckily, so is the solution.

We make our delicious, nutritious cold-pressed juices with 70-80% recovered fruits and veggies.


Our values make our mission.

MISFIT reimagines the way we engage with food by finding flavor, purpose, and personality in the misfits. Here’s how we’re changing the food system.

STAY CURIOUS | learn one new thing every single day
SEE POSSIBILITIES | in the world, in others, in yourself
BE SCRAPPY | do more with less; execution is everything
MAKE FRIENDS| build a community, not a rolodex (those are outdated anyway)
EXPERIMENT | think outside the (juice) box (but you know, for everything)